Good-bye Blues, Hello MoTown

stepped out of the elevator and into the main entrance of the Southfield Center Building and tried my best not to throw up. I knew I had failed my nursing boards. I KNEW IT. I just didn’t know what to do next. I remember being in a sickened haze and walking to my car, but I was in no shape to drive. The car was hot. I had arrived in the morning when it was cool and cloudy, but the exam was 3 hours long and my ice water was now warm and leaking onto the passenger seat.

I decided to call my sister-in-law. She had been a nurse for just a few years and still remembers taking the exams. She was very comforting in her advice of: “Did you feel like you were raped in there? I did. Go get drunk and forget it. I’m sure you did fine! If not, fuck it. Try again, right?”

Sure. After 4 years of work and weeks of studying, I can just try again. Maybe.

I was exhausted but I had to drive home. I texted hot-wife about how I felt and she said that she was positive that I didn’t fail… but I knew better.

That evening, I was felling much better. The kids were in bed, we had full glasses of wine, and I was ready to let my brain forget the day while watching some bad TV.

“Lets check your test score!” said my wife.


“Come, on! You can check it, right?” she asked.

“Yes, but I don’t want to ruin my evening! Besides, it costs $7!”

It sounded ridiculous when I said it, and she knew it, too. There was no way out of it. I had to pull out my wallet and purchase an online message that said “YOU FAILED.” That feeling of sickness started to come back, but I knew that after I got this over with, I could calm down and have a glass of wine.

I clicked the purchase button and waited… when the screen refreshed, there was a wall of text to read, and I was glad that the program was allowing me to review my missed questions.

But, there were no missed questions to review. Just an explanation of rules for nurses and in green letters: passed.


“I TOLD YOU!” she yelled at me. “I knew you passed, jackass! Now, go get some bourbon so we can do a toast and watch Game of Thrones.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Shut-up and get a drink, sweetie! I knew you would pass!”

Four years of hard work… And at that moment I had no idea how I pulled it off. Now comes the next hurdle: getting a nursing job in Detroit!

Just One More Month

This blog/podcast has taken a huge backseat to my life. I have many ideas and stories that will be posted here starting again this year, but it will have to wait for at least another 68 days.

The reason?

I am in my last month of Nursing School and I am about to graduate! I will also be studying for my NCLEX boards, so I might not be active until after THAT, as well.

I will be posting again in about a month!

Sorry for the silence.


No Gas And No Time – Ep 5

Here is a re-broadcast of on of my favorite stories so far….

I was working in San Diego and I had only a few days on the job so far…. what could possibly go wrong?

Well, at least it wasn’t raining, right?


The Story of Old St. Helens – Ep 21

In this episode, I travel back to May of 1980.  There was a lot of talk in the classroom before the start of summer vacation.  On the news, there were reports of large earthquakes that were just North of our house.  They were coming from underneath Mount St. Helens… and it turns out that it might blow it’s top.  Our teachers told us about a man who lived near the mountain and claimed that the news media was wrong.  He was going to stay.  Then, on a bright Sunday morning, the skies went black and the country went quiet.  We watched the news coverage of a scary event… and ash rained down on my toys in the back yard.


I had a volcano erupting not far from me.  And I loved it.



My Speech in 1987



I know… where the hell have I been?  Well, I have been busy, ….so there.  This story is from my first year in Junior High School… the most awkward year in any person’s life.


Hope you enjoy it!


What A Difference Having Supplies Can Make


I really have no reason to complain considering that I have almost NO experience in nursing compared to other professionals, but there are times that I find things rather amusing.  In this episode, I talk about a very brief encounter that made me smile.


[haiku url=”″ defaultpath=disabled]


Going To Have A Sick Fall – Ep. 17


I am actually excited for the fall!  I had a very busy summer and only 10 real days of “vacation” to relax.  Hot Wife was able to get some work up in Alaska, so she took us with her and the rest of us got to have fun while she worked.  Not really the ideal vacation, but we were able to catch a TON of fish.

We also were lucky that we had wonderful weather up there.

Now we are preparing for winter… chopping wood, filling the pantry with food, and looking for sales on Caribbean cruises.


Summer Repairs and My Bleeding Ears


In this episode, I catch up on my very busy summer working on the Labor and Delivery floor and also the psych floor of the hospital.  I have been working over 30 credit hours this summer, and that can kind of eat up your time.


I am also going to reinstall a new OS on my main computer, so this may be the last update for a while again, anyway…


Stay cool.  Stay classy.


Summer Repairs


PS – Not sure why my audio play is not working… I will have to look into that soon.  Here is a direct download.


Running Into The Hot Hot Heat of Summer – Ep. 16


Sometimes it feels like I am falling behind.  There is just so much work to do with nursing school and summer stuff with the kids… it sometimes helps to go outside and just run.  The only problem is that it’s hot as hell now.  And I want to do what I can to keep from gaining weight gaining more weight.  Anyway, it’s Miller time.



Say Sorry With A Song… or Two.. or Six


I am so sorry!  I have decided to let you know how sorry I am by sharing some new awesome music that I have started to listen to.  Keep in mind: I listen to all sorts of music, so check the whole podcast out before you judge!  Lots of great music!  6 songs!


1. Sunday by Crocodiles

2. Neither Here Nor There by Lost In The Trees

3. The A Team by Ed Sheeran

4. Idea of Happiness by Van She

5. Gimme Twice by The Concept

6. Some Place by Nick Waterhouse



Very cool music!  And I am glad to be back in front of the microphone.  I really missed you all.  Also, I was drinking gin… so I get kinda sassy half-way through the podcast.


My apologies.





What Did She Say? – Ep.14

My Very Secret Journal

Episode 14


Sometimes when you go out on a date, some magical things will happen.  For us. it had nothing to do with the food or the Indian/SouthEast Asian atmosphere, but more of the crazy ass people you wind up sitting next to.  Also, I have 2 updated operating systems on my computer.

I will never try to attempt this again.

Well, at least not for a few more months.



Running To A New Tune – Ep. 12 (fixed!)


In this episode, I share the songs that I have been listening to when I go for long runs… they put a spring in my step!  (Insert sad trombone) The weather has been great and I have been spending much more time outside and less in front of the computer.  As it should be, right?

If you are not as into running as I am, these tracks are also great to drive to when the weather is nice.  And if you like this kind of episode, I will do more of them!


EDIT:  This episode has an actual title and less-flawed audio! You’re welcome, America.



The playlist:

fun. – Some Nights – “Some Nights”

tUnE-yArDs – w h o k i l l – “gangsta”

Mitchmatic – It’s Probably Raining – “Why Don’t You Know?”

Amy Ray – Lung of Love – “Bird in the Hand”